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Outward Bound USA is a non-profit educational organization that exists to advance the educational vision of Kurt Hahn, the mission of Outward Bound across the USA, and to provide services and funding in support of eleven regional Outward Bound Schools.


Outward Bound Schools deliver transformative learning expeditions and actively engage with students, parents, partners and donors in the communities we serve.  Experiential education empowers young people to uncover their strengths, confront their fears and cultivate the qualities that are required of leaders: empathy, compassion, resiliency.  With your support, Outward Bound employs the best instructors in experiential education.  They are individuals who are fiercely committed, not just to the idea of a more compassionate world, but to the realization of it.


We invite you to join our community, to invest in our collective future.  We ask for your support so, together, we can continue to build compassionate leaders with limitless possibilities.


You are needed - to serve, to strive and not to yield.  Thank you.

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